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Maxine Waters Backs Petition To Import 100k Syrian Refugees… Gets INSTANTLY Humiliated



Maxine Waters says her fair share of absurdities, but what she presented on Sunday after slamming President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on Syrian refugees might just take the proverbial cake.

Why is it that Democrats seem to only be interested in making America less safe — especially in crime-ridden major cities like Chicago — by importing more unvetted refugees to the U.S.?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D, Calif.) slammed President Donald Trump on Sunday for his temporary refugee ban and backed a petition calling for the United States to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees. held a publicized telephone call with Waters on Sunday, when she claimed that if Trump “really cared about the plight of Syrian children … he would rescind his executive order banning Syrian refugees.”

Waters criticized Trump’s proposed budget cuts for not helping Syrian children, before praising a petition demanding that Trump allow Syrian refugees into the United States.

Trump’s executive order was signed in January, and indefinitely banned Syrian refugees from entering the country.’s petition claims that Trump’s administration “has attempted to slam the doors entirely on Syrian refugees and gut funding for international aid and diplomacy.”

More than 800 people signed the petition which declares that the United States “must match the generous and humanitarian impulses of the American people and live up to our international responsibilities.”

That meant, according to, “expediting the acceptance and resettlement of 100,000 Syrian refugees.”

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