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Latino Trump Supporter Just Gave Maxine Waters TERRIBLE News



Maxine Waters loves to stay in the headlines, but probably not for stories like this. The left all worship this woman as if she’s some kind of gift because she happens to criticize President Trump all the time. But, the way we see it, she literally doesn’t have anything better to do.

Even though she should, since, you know, she’s an elected official.

If she wants to keep her job, she’d better start praying this new challenger doesn’t gain momentum, because he’s on a mission.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Maxine Waters has been in the news a lot lately because she’s constantly criticizing Trump. As a result, she has become a new darling of the left.

Now she has a Republican challenger for the next election named Omar Navarro. He’s a Latino and a Trump supporter!

Here’s a press release from his website:

Torrance, CA – Omar Navarro the Republican challenger to Maxine Waters for Congressional Seat of the 43rd District was on the front lines in the City of Cudahy’s bid to be considered a sanctuary city. He continues his campaign to unseat “career politician” Maxine Waters.

Omar plans to build and follow in the footsteps of his friend and colleague, Jack M Guerrero, who was victorious March 7th in his bid for city council in the City of Cudahy. I believe you can stand your ground, even while smeared by corrupt opponents, and run for office in a city with a high registration of Democrats and win as a Republican.“The County Democratic machine has more of a reason to see why they are not relevant in Los Angeles anymore.”

On February 28th Omar, a Latino Trump Supporter, was himself attacked, yelled at through a bullhorn and called an “immigrant cracker” by protesters at a Cudahy Town Hall calling for Cudahy to be a Sanctuary City.

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