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JUST IN: Rex Tillerson Makes Game-Changing Announcement About Obama’s Iran Deal



Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has officially declared that the United States will no longer exercise “strategic patience” with Iran.

He criticized the infamous Iran nuclear deal that came from the former Obama administration, saying that the deal merely attempts to buy off Iran, leaving a great burden for future generations.

A repeal of the treaty is reportedly in the works, along with the return of Iranian sanctions.

“Strategic patience is a failed approach,” Tillerson said during an address from the State Department. “In deed and in propaganda, Iran foments discord.”

He continued, stating that the current Iran nuclear agreement leaves a great deal of room for Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

“The JCPOA fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran, it only delays they goal of becoming a nuclear state,” Tillerson said, using the formal acronym for the Iran nuclear pact. “The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran.”

“It is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambitions. We buy them off for a short period of time, and then someone has to deal with it later,” Tillerson continued. “We just don’t see that that’s a prudent way to be dealing with Iran, certainly not in the context of all their other destructive activities.”

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