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Judge Jeanine Turns Tables On Berkeley, Delivers Brutal Message They’ll Never Forget…



On Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped into those who are attacking free speech.

During her opening statement on “Justice”, Judge Jeanine slammed University of California at Berkeley for disinviting author Ann Coulter from speaking on their campus, saying that they are pushing the country to a fascist and totalitarian society.

“America is in trouble,” Pirro began. “They are trying to silence you. A monstrous and pervasive movement is putting the First Amendment and your free speech, the most basic and fundamental tenets of our nation at risk and in danger of extinction.

“And whether you are on the left or right, free speech is essential to our democracy, the reason the country was found, the reason people risk so much, even die to come here. Yet, as you sit there, you are watching a silencing in real-time. Where people are not allowed to express their opinion if it does not align with the thinking of others.”

“It’s putting us on the course where we are in danger of becoming a fascist totalitarian society where there is only one accepted point of view; no other will be tolerated, and it’s time to fight back,” she added.


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