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Internet Notices Something Hilariously Wrong At North Korean Missile Parade



Poor little Kim Jong Un. He’s tried to convince the world for months now that he has ICBM’s capable of hitting the United States. Of course, he took the opportunity to show off these brand new missiles and rockets over the weekend during a massive military parade.

What he wasn’t counting on is the keen eye of social media users, who spotted some very questionable physical traits of the missiles.

Daily Mail reports:

Speculation is circulating that Kim Jong-Un dressed up empty, painted boxes as deadly weapons of mass destruction as part of his military parade this weekend.

North Korea unveiled new weapons during a display of the country’s military might in the country’s capital Pyongyang to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the birth of the nation’s founder Kim Il-Sung.

But people have started questioning the validity of the rockets, including one which appears either broken or very badly made with its nose pointing skyward.

One Twitter user said: ‘Does North Korea think they are fooling anyone with all those fake missiles on parade?’

Another poked fun at the nation’s military saying the missiles looked like they had been made from papier-mâché.

Each reporter was assigned a military or government guard, which meant the coverage was set up in a way Kim Jong-Un had signed off.

But as the BBC’s John Sudworth delivered his piece to camera, a procession of vehicles carrying missiles passed behind him.

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