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GOP Lawmakers Just Sent Obama’s IRS Commissioner BRUTAL News



It’s no secret that a majority of Americans aren’t exactly fans of the Internal Revenue Service. This is especially true for conservatives, given the agency’s history of targeting conservative political groups.

While President Trump continues to drain the swamp of Obama-era lackeys, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is the one guy who still has a job that a growing number of lawmakers are demanding he step down from.

Fox News reports:

More than 30 lawmakers sent a letter to President Trump on Thursday in a renewed call for IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to step down from his post before the end of his term.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and 37 House members sent the letter, which accused Koskinen’s of providing false testimony to Congress and obstructing the congressional investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative political groups.

“So long as the IRS commissioner is a man who has misled the people, destroyed evidence, and failed his legal duties to the people’s representatives on Congress, the IRS is not ‘controlled by the people’,” the letter reads. “For that reason, we request you immediately remove Koskinen.”

Commissioner Koskinen testified before the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, where he reaffirmed his commitment to staying on until the end of his five-year term, which is set to end on November 13 unless President Trump removes him. He has said he didn’t intend to mislead Congress and didn’t mean to lose key evidence in the fiasco.

This is not the first time President Trump has received a letter urging him to force Koskinen to resign. In January, Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker, R-N.C., along with 53 other House Republicans, also wrote a letter asking Trump to remove him from his post before the end of his term.

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