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BREAKING: Giant Retailer Comes Out Against Ivanka, Pulls All Trump-Related Products…



Another business comes out against the Trumps, pulling all of their products.

TS reports:

Bed Bath & Beyond is the latest retailer to discontinue products made by President Donald Trump and his family, amid criticism surrounding certain of his policies.

Shannon Coulter, the leader of the anti-Trump boycott movement, #GrabYourWallet, posted on Twitter an email she received from the home goods retailer saying: “At this time, we are no longer carrying Trump merchandise.”

On Bed Bath & Beyond’s website, items including a Trump Home glass and an Ivanka Trump Soho Solutions diaper bag are branded with the words “no longer available” in red.

Bed Bath & Beyond joins a slew of retailers joining the movement against Trump, including Nordstrom, which stopped selling the Ivanka Trump fashion brand in October, Macy’s which discontinued the President’s line of menswear after calling illegal immigrants “rapists” in 2015, and Wayfair which cut its Trump Home products in November.

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