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Ben Carson Is Touring America… And He’s Doing What Politicians Don’t DARE To Do



What do American politicians not do? Listen.

What is HUD Secretary Ben Carson doing? Listening.

Not only is he just listening, he’s been going on a tour around America with the sole objective of listening.

The media probably hasn’t told you that.

Newmax reports:

Columbus is the fourth stop on Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s national listening tour.

President Donald Trump’s housing secretary has been traveling the country gathering input from agency field staff, local leaders and residents of public housing developments.

His three-day visit to Ohio begins Wednesday. During the first two days, he’ll tour urban housing developments in Columbus. On Friday, he plans tours of more rural developments in Lancaster and Chillicothe (chihl-ih-KAHTH’-ee). He also plans to address the Ohio Housing Council on Wednesday and the Starting At Home conference Thursday.

Carson has previously visited Detroit, Dallas/Fort Worth and Miami as he seeks to hone the priority list for the federal agency he oversees.

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