America, It’s That Time Again. Pray For President Trump.

The media wants war.

The unelected government wants chaos.

The establishment wants globalism.

The intelligence community wants vengeance.

In all of this deception and abuse, President Trump has been caught in the middle of a half-dozen destructive agendas — he needs wisdom and guidance now more than ever.

On November 8th, an earth-shattering victory took place for the “America First” movement, coined by Trump himself. But the celebration is over now — real business is going down and real consequences are being delivered. With conflict looming in the Middle East and insiders looking to put Trump in a bind wherever he goes, he needs prayer.

A deluge of prayer, in fact.

Trump was not merely elected as a way of preventing Hillary Clinton from attaining power, he was elected to lead an entire nation with common-sense and American strength — and he’s doing all of this atop what many would regard as the world’s throne.

There is just as much spiritual warfare taking place as there is real, physical warfare.

Say a prayer for this administration, this country, and President Donald J. Trump.

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