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JUST IN: Trump Informs America Of How Much U.N. Funding He’s Cutting… And It’s A LOT



The Trump administration is looking to cut a whopping $1 billion dollars in United Nations funding, which would cripple much of the U.N.’s infrastructure.

This would be yet another fulfilled campaign promise for President Trump, who has wanted to defund the bureaucratic, anti-Israel organization.

FP reports:

The White House budget office informed State Department officials this week that the administration plans to eliminate all U.S. funding to the $326 million International Organizations and Programs account, which provides more than $130 million to the U.N. Children’s Fund, a sizable chunk of the more than $500 million the U.S. contributed to UNICEF in 2016, and around $70 million to the U.N. Development Program.

They were also told to brace for a 40 percent cut to the State Department’s U.N. peacekeeping budget. The U.S. contributed over $2 billion to the U.N.’s $8 billion-plus peacekeeping budget last year.

The proposed cuts, which were drafted by the White House Office of Budget and Management, show that the Trump Administration is seeking far deeper cuts to the U.N. in the international affairs budget than to the State Department or USAID. Last week, the White House released a preliminary budget projection–known as the skinny budget–that called for cuts of 28 percent to international organizations in the 2018 budget.

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