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Obamacare Is Over 20,000 Pages Long… Now Guess How Long Trump’s Healthcare Bill Is?



On Tuesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said there are three phases to the new healthcare plan.

The first phase was the replacement bill proposed Monday night, the second phase is regulatory modifications added later on, and the third phase is additional legislation that can’t be achieved through budget reconciliation.

However, the length of the bill compared to Obamacare is getting everyone’s attention.

The “Affordable Care Act” was a whopping 20,000 pages long, with most of those pages being chock-full of regulations and restrictions.

The GOP’s new health care bill, deemed “PatientCare” by Price, is just 123 pages long — and half of that is the actual repeal of Obamacare.

“Our plan is pretty much 66 pages long,” Price said, confirming that the repeal portion is 57 pages.

Price said the new plan gives states “the flexibility to define what healthcare is.”

“We need a system of the highest quality that empowers patients through transparency and accountability. We think it’s important for the American people to be able to select the physician they see and the place they’re treated, and government ought not to be involved.”

During Tuesday’s press briefing,  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked if this is Donald Trump’s bill, in which he replied: “This is a bill that we have worked on with Congress. We feel very good about where it is. It’s not his bill or their bill.”

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