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Liberals Stunned Over Trump Admin’s Emergency Donation… Media SILENT



Despite the nonsensical and consistent outrage by the left, the Trump administration is doing great humanitarian work. The American media has been silent over the administration’s new half a million dollar donation to crisis-striken Peru.

The $525,000 is going to help communities who have been ravaged by violent rains and floods, which have killed dozens and affected hundreds of thousands.

Elcomercio reports:

US Ambassador to Lima Brian A. Nichols told local radio station RPP that the government of Donald Trump will focus on aid in potable water and toilet supplies in some villages almost destroyed in the Piura and Lambayeque region. The donation will be channeled through the international CARE and Save the Children organizations.

Nichols said seven newly arrived experts from the United States support the Emergency Operations Center and some will travel to the devastated cities of Trujillo and Huarmey. The US embassy last week moved up to the coastal north 10 helicopters to assist in emergency work.

On Wednesday it rained for 12 hours in the regions of Tumbes and Piura, near the border with Ecuador, causing more rivers overflow and collapse in the drainage systems. The Peruvian Ministry of Defense began to prepare shelters in sports centers in Piura because the rains are expected to worsen in that part of the country.

According to official figures so far this year, the so-called coastal El Niño weather phenomenon has left 79 dead, 20 missing, 489 bridges destroyed, 10,000 hectares of destroyed crops, 145,000 affected homes and 2,167 kilometers of destroyed roads.

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