Hillary Staffer Attacks Fallen SEAL’s Wife, Instantly Gets Called Out Donald Trump Jr…

Dan Grilo, a former Hillary Clinton staffer bashed the wife of fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens upon the incredibly lengthy standing ovation she received.

Owens was killed on January 29th during a counterterrorism military operation in Yemen.

After receiving a thunderous applause on Capitol Hill, Owens’ widow Carryn, for her husband’s bravery and service, Grillo ripped into her on Twitter, calling her an “idiot” and a political prop.

However, Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t going to let this tweet go unanswered, pointing out the blatant hatred and cruelty perpetrated the left.

“Hatred from the other side. I would think this is beyond what a human is capable of saying to someone, but it’s not!” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

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