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FLASHBACK: Chuck Schumer And Vladimir Putin Have Coffee…



Yes, this is a real photo.

No, there was no outrage over this get-together.

Why? Because there’s nothing wrong with people from different parts of the world talking, celebrating, or building relationships — it’s the essence of politics.

That is, unless you’re Attorney General Jeff Sessions or former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn — both of which have been excoriated by the mainstream media and left-wing politicians for alleged and actual conversations.

The picture above was taken in 2003 as Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, enjoys a Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee with Senator Charles Schumer from New York as Putin visits the first New York gas station of the Russian company Lukoil.

The hysteria over Trump administration officials talking — or not talking — with Russia needs to end.

It’s getting in the way of putting America back on track.

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