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BUSTED: Top Pipeline Protest Leader Arrested, Caught Leading Shocking Double Life…



Far-left pipeline protest leader Pete Hefflin was definitely not who he claimed to be.

Recently, he had been leading the fight against pipeline companies and “corporate greed,” while also managing the opening of the largest protest camp in West Texas which looked to completely impede the Trans-Pecos pipeline.

But now, he’s in prison, having been discovered to be Pedro Rabago Gutierrez — a drug-dealing rapist that fled California a decade ago.

Houston Chronicle reports:

While Hefflin talked about protecting sensitive natural resources for the future, he was hiding his past. This week, at a pipeline protest in Presidio County, sheriff’s deputies arrested him, fingerprinted him and confirmed that they had in custody not Pete Hefflin, but Pedro Rabago Gutierrez, a man arrested and imprisoned multiple times in California for serious crimes — rape and drug dealing among them — before fleeing the state at least 10 years ago as a wanted man.

The arrest stunned protesters at the camp, where he was the head of security, and sent the environmental groups with which the man worked into damage control.

“He was part of our circle. He was part of our family,” said Frankie Orona, executive director of the Society of Native Nations, a San Antonio-based environment and American Indian advocacy group at which Gutierrez was a member of the board of directors. “But then again, we’ve always been about holding people accountable, and in this situation, he was definitely wrong. I am upset with him.”

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