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BREAKING: Trump Takes First Step To Rebuild Detroit… Media SILENT



For decades President Trump has wanted to stop building up other countries and rebuild America — and he’s going to start in the once-legendary city of Detroit.

NBC reports:

The president is expected to announce an EPA review of fuel efficiency rules on Wednesday, during a meeting with auto industry executives in Detroit, Michigan.

One day after it was reported Trump is set to sign an order greatly reducing the role climate change plays in U.S. government decision making, the president’s Wednesday announcement signals another step away from his predecessor’s climate-forward position on energy and environmental policy.

An overhaul of the EPA rules could mean American automakers would no longer have to meet certain fuel efficiency standards meant to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from passenger cars in the U.S.

According to NPR, a senior White House official said the president wants to “set standards that are technologically feasible, economically feasible and allow the auto industry to grow and create jobs.”

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