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BREAKING: Orlando Shooter’s Wife Gets VERY Bad News…



Widow of Orlando Pulse shooter Omar Mateen, Noor Salman, reversed a California judge’s earlier order to allow her bail.

She’s staying in jail.

Orlando Sentinel reports:

Last week, a federal judge in California granted Salman bail, but delayed her release by 48 hours to give prosecutors time to appeal. Prosecutors later got another delay of Salman’s release.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Paul Byron appeared to disagree with the California judge. He cited a question Salman said Mateen asked her less than a week before the shooting: “How bad would it be if a club got attacked?”

“This statement was made to Defendant Salman by a person she knows to support terrorist organizations, who she had witnessed watching violent ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] recruiting videos in her home, and who she portrays as violent,” he wrote.

Salman was arrested in January, about seven months after her husband opened fire in the Orlando nightclub, killing 49 people and injuring at least 68 others. She is charged with aiding and abetting her husband. Mateen was killed in a shootout with police about three hours after he first started shooting at the LGBTQ club’s Latin Night celebration.

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