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82-Year-Old Women Killed By Syrian Refugees… But There’s A Catch Liberals Are Hating



Don’t expect the mainstream media or liberal politicians to bring up this shocking story.

Almost three months after a pensioner was found dead at a Cottbus residence in Germany, the police have found a suspect. The young man was arrested in the city on Wednesday, said the Cottbus prosecutor’s office and the police.

But there’s a catch — he came into Germany as a “child migrant” in 2015, reports.

Ironically, this very label of “child migrant” seems to bring out each and every emotion by the left, causing them to demand they be welcomed into any country under any circumstance.

However, as we see here, that open-border policy ended in the death of an innocent elderly woman.

According to the investigators the suspect was a “young Syrian citizen” at the time of the offence, who came to Germany in 2015 accompanied by a guardian. The prosecutor’s office did not disclose his exact age, for fear that it will “will stir up emotion.”

It’s time to squash the idea of an open-border world — it can’t happen unless a lot of good people die.

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