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SHOCK: Bernie Sanders Gets CUT OFF From CNN After Calling Them “Fake News”…



Well, that escalated quickly.

During Friday night’s CNN broadcast, Sen. Bernie Sanders went on air to discuss reports floating around about National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s contact with the Russian government about sanctions.

Eventually, the CNN anchor played a clip showing President Trump’s response to a reporter about this issue while he was boarding the Air Force One, to which Trump said he was unaware of the report.

Immediately after, the anchor asked the Vermont senator what he thought about Trump’s response.

He replied in jest, “Well, I don’t know, he was probably watching CNN fake news, what do you think?”

Immediately, Sanders tried to recuse himself by saying, “It was a joke” — but it was too late, as he lost connection on his end. After that, it was all blank stares and confusion until he was taken offline completely.


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