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Sheriff Clarke Drops Bombshell About Refugees That Liberals Are HATING…



Oh boy.

Liberals are not happy that Sheriff David Clarke decided to reveal the truth about the negative effects of mass immigration and refugee resettlement, saying he’s

The Milwaukee sheriff posted an article which included a shocking report about how many Swedish refugees actually got a job in 2015.

Clarke posed this bombshell in the form of a beautiful jab at liberals, saying, “Would you guess half? A quarter? Sweden took 162,000 refugees last year — guess how many got jobs?”

Here’s what the brutal report said right underneath:

According to government figures, only 494 “asylum seekers” were able to land a job. There are several reasons why that number is so low. Refugees are eligible to work as long as they have a valid ID and have never been rejected for asylum from another country. However, Sweden’s migration office couldn’t keep up with the high demand of migrants coming in and could only issue so many work permits. Those who couldn’t get work are now in the system and using up precious resources they don’t pay for.

Yes, only 494. We’re certain that Sheriff Clarke wouldn’t tolerate those shockingly-bad numbers if he were in charge.

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