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Ted Cruz Jabs Harry Reid With The Classiest Insult In Political History



Sen. Ted Cruz delivered a monster blow to former Sen. Harry Reid.

“More than once in the past month, I have raised the glass to toast Harry Reid,” he said to a group of reporters at the CPAC on Thursday.

“We owe an ironic debt of gratitude to Harry Reid,” the senator declared, for “the most conservative cabinet in decades.”

And then — he delivery the final blow.

“Thanks to Harry Reid, Jeff Sessions is the attorney general, Scott Pruitt is the administrator of the EPA and Betsy DeVos is the education secretary.”

Cruz explained, “There is one person directly responsible for that, and that is Harry Reid, who invoked the so-called nuclear option and broke the Senate rules to lower the threshold for confirmations from 60 votes to 51.”

Cruz then commented about how he warned Democrats that the Senate rule change would hurt them in the future — and he was right.

“At the time, I told them, several Democrats, this will result in more Scalias and Thomases on the Supreme Court and on the federal courts.”

“And,” the senator continued, “it will result in much more conservative cabinet nominees. That’s precisely what occurred, if you look at the nominees we’ve seen and confirmed, a number them by very narrow margins.”

“It is difficult to believe a Jeff Sessions, or a Scott Pruitt, or a Betsy de Vos would have been nominated if they required 60 votes to be confirmed.”

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