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OOPS: Chelsea Clinton’s Hedge-Fund Husband Gets VERY Bad News…



Being a Clinton — or married to one — no longer guarantees a job.

Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, is hitting the road after the monumental failure of his hedge-fund company, Eaglevale Partners.

Free Beacon reports:

The fund was quietly closed down in December, and now Mezvinsky and his partners are busy returning what money remains to investors.

The group raised $25 million, reports Britain’s Daily Mail and Bloomberg News, but the fund lost 90 percent of its value investing in bank stocks and debt from Greece.

Eaglevale clients were given a glowing report of the company’s Helenic Opportunity Fund in 2014, with Mezvinsky predicting Greece would soon be exiting its crisis on the way to “sustainable recovery.”

However, by year’s end, it was apparent the Greek economy was set to crumble without a massive bailout from the Eurozone.

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