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Newt Gingrich Reveals Problem WORSE Than “Fake News”… And He’s Exactly Right



Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is officially calling for a national debate surrounding the issue of “fake education.”

He thinks it’s an “underlying” factor to the “fake news” epidemic that President Trump has been fighting viciously.

“President Trump is on to a very big historic dialogue about fake news,” Gingrich, a Trump advisor during and after the campaign, tweeted on Saturday, “Underlying fake news is fake education. We need national debate on this.”

By “fake education,” he likely means taking on the colleges and institutions that pump out anarchists and socialism-loving hipsters.

Earlier this month, Gingrich thought that the Senate’s confirmation of Betsy DeVos to run the Education Department was a massive victory “for parents and children choosing schools they need.”

Gingrich said, before the inauguration, that he was unsure if the Trump administration would “lose their nerve” upon receiving strong Democratic opposition.

“I mean, if you’re serious about school choice, there is no agreement with the teachers’ unions,” Gingrich said to ABC recently.

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