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Liberals Slam Trump For Deporting Illegals, But Here’s How Many Obama Kicked Out…



The double standard of the left is rather incredible.

In just three weeks, President Trump has worked with Immigrations Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to deport hundreds of illegals back to Mexico, garnering fierce criticism from the left.

But there’s a catch — ICE’s actions are not unique to the Trump administration.

During President Barack Obama’s tenure in office, more than two million undocumented immigrants were deported back to their native countries.

The Democrats won’t bring that up when trying justify their outrage at Trump’s initial deportation.

The president has said that officials will focus on apprehending undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of crimes in the United States. Homeland Security Secretary General John Kelly rejected the idea that officials were “rounding up” anyone.

“The people who ICE apprehend are people who are illegal and then some,” he says.

During a tour of the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday, Secretary Kelly told reporters that ICE agents were simply enforcing the current law.

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