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Liberal Writer Says Betsy DeVos Will Kill Children



Thought the left was as unhinged as they could possibly be?

Well, you’d be wrong — and you have Vanity Fair film critic Richard Lawson to thank for that.

Upon the confirmation of philanthropist and “school-choice” enthusiast Betsy DeVos as the Trump administration’s education secretary, the left has lost their collective marbles.

In a tweet criticizing the lack of support by DeVos for the voucher program, Lawson equates the new Education Sec. to a child killer:

“Meaning voucher programs will lead to more suicides. Betsy Devos’ policies will kill children. This is not an exaggeration in any sense.”

Here’s the original tweet, which has been deleted:

Everyday, the Trump administration make uber-progressives look more and more like the fringe party they are.

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