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HEROIC: UFC Champ Saves Man From Vicious Mob Attack At Berkeley…



The Berkeley riot against Milo Yiannopoulos has been utterly shocking.

Event attendees were attacked, Trump supporters were assaulted, and dissenting viewpoints were ridiculed.

However, UFC fighter and champion Jake Shields just so happened to be in the area — and he didn’t hesitate a second to jump in and save a helpless man being beaten by a mob of 20 anarchists.

“I was in Berkeley and watched a man getting beat by a mob with no police help. I was the only person to jump in and help,” Shields said on Twitter.

He followed up with, “It was sad to watch 20 people beat a man with no one helping.”

Here’s the tweets:

The intolerance of the left has crossed all reasonable boundaries — the unfettered violence must now be met with force and physicality. Berkeley, the “Home of Free Speech,” has committed suicide to what it’s been long known for.

The First Amendment is dead at college campuses.

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