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JUST IN: Liberals FURIOUS At New Dakota Access Pipeline Revelation…



The left has protested the Dakota Access Pipeline for years under the Obama administration, ultimately bringing the project to a halt the project due to “environmental concerns.”

However, three weeks into the Trump presidency, the project is not only back online, but is also expected to be finished in a record-setting time.

The pipeline is going to be fully operation in just 83 days, according to Energy Transfer Partners, the company developing the multi-state oil pipeline.

The Daily Caller reports:

Energy Transfer Partners believes the last reaming feet of the 1,172-mile long line will be finished and put into operation by the end of June.

Legal experts believe the pipeline’s construction is expected at this point, meaning its opponents face long odds convincing any court to halt the $3.8 billion project.

Wayne D’Angelo, an energy and environmental lawyer in Washington, D.C., told reporters the Trump administration was on “pretty solid legal ground.”

The U.S. Army approved the project Wednesday, less than two weeks after President Donald Trump signed orders expediting the so-called DAPL. His order essentially paved the way for the previously rejected pipeline to move forward.

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