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JUST IN: Michael Flynn Gets Incredible News After Resignation… Media STUMPED



General Michael Flynn is a hero who fought betterment of America.

His resignation was nothing more than a political assassination by Obama’s “shadow government.” The virtue-signaling media wants you to believe that Flynn had a secret relationship with Russia — but he didn’t, and there’s now irrefutable proof.

After reviewing the transcripts of conversation between Flynn and Russian ambassadors, the FBI has found no wrongdoing whatsoever.

“The FBI reviewed intercepts of communications between the Russian ambassador to the United States and retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn — national security adviser to then-President-elect Trump — but has not found any evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties to the Russian government, U.S. officials said.”

Another current intelligence official agreed with the FBI. He told NPR:

“There is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the transcripts of of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.”

The official also said there was “absolutely nothing” in the transcripts that suggests Flynn was acting under instructions “or that the trail leads higher.”

“I don’t think [Flynn] knew he was doing anything wrong,” the official said. “Flynn talked about sanctions, but no specific promises were made. Flynn was speaking more in general ‘maybe we’ll take a look at this going forward’ terms.”

Democrats are putting everything they have into delegitimizing President Trump through Russian conspiracies and false reporting — and they just took down their first target.

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