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France Now Building Trump-Like Wall, But People Are STUNNED At Where It’s Going…



France is taking drastic measures to ensure the safety of tourists from terrorists.

According to a newly-released report by Bloomberg, Paris is planning to take a page from President Trump’s book and build a massive $22 million wall.

Except, it’s not going along the nation’s border — it’s going around the Eiffel Tower.

Deputy Mayor Jean-François Martins said “Sadly, the risk of terrorism hasn’t gone away,” and stated that “It’s not a wall, it’s an aesthetic perimeter.”

So basically, it’s a wall — some just prefer to use more “politically correct” terminology.

This new wall will be able to stop the penetration of “bullets and vehicles,” alluding to new fears after deadly Paris attacks back in November killed over 100 people along with the Nice truck attack that killed 86. A Fox News report states that the wall is currently expected to be roughly 8 feet tall.

The report continues, talking about how fully-armed soldiers will be patrolling the streets on a daily basis and that this mayor believes its a sight that doesn’t scare people but rather reassures them that they are more secure in a big government security state.

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