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Epic Political Cartoon Explains UC Berkeley Riots PERFECTLY…



Conservative political cartoonist Ben Garrison is at the top of his game, making an excellent illustration of exactly what happened at UC Berkeley on Wednesday night.

The cartoon depicts a six-headed dragon, each with the faces of stereotypical social justice warriors (SJWs). Each neck and head combination represent different pillars of the SJW mindset, from “safe spaces” to “censorship.”

The dragon, appropriately labeled “SJWs,” is reeling and hissing at the sight of Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The “fabulous provocateur” is toting the sword of “truth,” ready to cut off the regressive dragon-heads.

Finally, the prized possession of the entire campus is the “Gay-triarchy,” depicted behind the SJW dragon, in which radical progressives work to take their cause further left, creating new genders, sexualities, and norms.

Take a gander:

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