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Dems Celebrate Court Win Prematurely… Guess What The 9th Circuit’s “Reversal Rate” Is?



Democrats shouldn’t get too high on their horse — because things could change very quickly.

The 9th Circuit Court’s decision to block President Trump’s controversial — but Constitutional — immigration order has an extremely high chance of getting overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Why? Because the “reversal rate” of the 9th Circuit is hovering at a solid 80 percent.

What does that mean? It means that this court is filled to the brim with individuals who have no regard for the constitution and who look to further an agenda that suits their personal politics — also known as “activist judges.”

The American Bar website states the following:

“Interestingly, this comparison of reversal rates reveals that the Federal Circuit has the highest reversal rate at about 83.33%, and the Ninth Circuit has the second highest reversal rate at 80%. The Seventh Circuit has the lowest reversal rate at 55.26%. The median reversal rate is 68.29%.”

If Trump brings makes his plea to the Supreme Court — with Justice Neil Gorsuch onboard — the “rogue” 9th Circuit decision will be overturned easily.

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