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CNN Praises North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un



While CNN engages an all-out war with President Trump and Republicans, they certainly seem to be sucking up to arguably the most evil man in the world.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un happened to fire one of his his top lieutenants for what CNN reports were “human rights abuses committed during interrogations at the State Security Department.”

They made Kim Jong Un out to be a hero for removing a human rights violator when it was likely the North Korean leader himself that specifically told his top official that he could violate human rights.


Yet, when it comes to American politics, the witch-hunt against Trump has effectively peaked. It’s so vicious, in fact, that the president has directly called CNN “fake news” on multiple occasions.

However, after a story like this — about a minutia issue in North Korea — Trump’s claims of “fake news” are likely justified. Their anchors are deceptive in their anti-Trump rhetoric, they have refused to dig into details, and they report on blatantly-false articles (such as the infamous “Russian dossier”).

Here’s their Kim Jon Un sympathy tweet:

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