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BUSTED: Did You See What Was On The Pro-Obamacare Questioner’s Paper?



The Ted Cruz/Bernie Sanders Obamacare debate was fiery.

However, a sharp-eyed Cruz supporter found a massive problem on the third questioner’s paper, in which she threw a pro-Obamacare question at the Texas senator.

If you flip the photo upside-down and look closely, you’ll see it’s a print-out of a gmail message — in which it’s titled “Your Question.”

CNN gave her a pre-written question — as unfortunate as it sounds, she could have easily been lying about her personal health scare, in which Obamacare “saved” her life.

Take a look:

If this is not conclusive evidence that CNN is “fake news,” we don’t know what is.

However, Sen. Cruz handled the question expertly and pointed out the surrounding failures in the medicaid system with facts.

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