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Trump Saves Taxpayers $700 Million With Clever Move…



You’d think the mainstream media would be in a frenzy if the President of the United States single-handedly saved American tax-payers $700+ million.

But nope — as usual, they’re silent about all things positive coming out of the Trump administration.

On Friday, many Americans saw that the Trump administration reached a finishing point in a completely overhauled deal with Lockheed Martin — the federal government is going to purchase 90 F-35 jets at the lowest price in the program’s history, saving the government an unprecedented amount, officials said.


Now, it’s one thing to know you saved money in general, but it’s an entirely different thing to know the exact amount, which was just released in the previous hours.

Officials estimated — based on the price of each individual F-35 within the order — the new agreement represents a $728 million reduction.


Liberals need to know that this is why America put Trump in the White House — his savviness when talking trade and his inability to take “no” for an answer will lead the United States to prosperity like it’s never seen before.

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