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BREAKING: Media Silent Over Trump’s Game-Changing Move In January Jobs Report…



The mainstream media is keeping Americans in the dark — again.

According to numbers released on Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the January jobs report shows an increase in 5,000 manufacturing jobs.

While that’s a great start for the Trump administration, it’s not what the media’s hiding from you.

Out of fear of giving President Trump any sort of positive coverage, establishment news outlets are not reporting the fact that 10,000 government jobs have completely vanished.

In just two weeks, the federal government went from 22,286,000 employees to 22,276,000 employees.

There’s still a lot more cutting to do, but at this rate, it won’t take very long to slash the bloated administration created under Obama by an entire third. To give reference, in the entirety of 2016, from the start of January to the end of December, 162,000 government jobs were added and 46,000 manufacturing jobs were lost.

This first 2017 jobs report gives hope for the future.

Trump’s top campaign promise was to cut the size and scope of government — and he’s already fulfilling that.

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