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BREAKING: Hundreds More Illegals Arrested…



In North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, roughly 200 arrests were been made by ICE.

The full details of the raids and arrests will be made available on Monday, along with details about other raids across the country.

From Fox 8:

While specific numbers weren’t available, ICE said “many” of the arrested individuals had prior felony convictions including violent charges like child sex crimes, weapons or assault charges.

An ICE official confirmed Atlanta had conducted a similar surge this week, and roughly 200 arrests were made in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in a similar routine enforcement action. Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro said in a statement that he had confirmed with ICE’s San Antonio field office that similar actions were conducted across Texas, calling the action “Operation Cross Check.” He said he would be following up to make sure the actions were targeting the worst offenders.

In addition to the raids made on the East Coast, 160 arrests of dangerous illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds were made in Southern California.

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