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BREAKING: Highway-Protesters Delay Ambulance, Drastic Measures Taken…



The left is completely out of control, willing to put innocent people in harm’s way just to attack against President Trump.

Except this time, someone was nearly killed because of it.

The Free Beacon reports:

Anti-Donald Trump protesters temporarily shut down a highway in New Haven, Conn. on Saturday, forcing ambulance workers who were delayed by the demonstration to perform an emergency medical procedure in the vehicle.

Over 100 people protesting President Trump’s travel ban blocked Route 34 in New Haven, delaying an ambulance with a critically ill patient from making it to the hospital, the Associated Press reported Sunday. Paramedics had to perform a procedure on the patient in the ambulance as a result.

The demonstrators were protesting Trump’s executive order temporarily barring refugees from entering the United States and halting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries over terrorism concerns.

Recently, some lawmakers around the country have been voting on controversial legislation allowing drivers to “accidentally” go through a group of protesters who are standing illegal in the road.

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