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Elizabeth Warren Vows To Put Illegal Aliens First, Instantly Gets OWNED By Veterans…



Late last week, the Veterans Assisting Veterans (VAV)  group wrote a letter to Elizabeth Warren and her Democrat counterparts — and they left no meat on the bones.

Members of VAV raked these politicians over the coals for their support of illegal immigrants, calling for them to put United States veterans first.

“Senator Warren and others like her should know the difference between legal and illegal activity and chose instead to act out negatively in selfish political theater,” the letter reads.

It asks, “Where’s your rally for US Veterans, Senator Warren?” The group wrote they are “deeply troubled by the continued lack of prioritization by some prominent elected members of our government.”

VAV spokesman John MacDonald signed the letter and later appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday with his fellow VAV member Dennis Moschella, being invited back on again Monday morning. During Sunday’s interview, MacDonald reminded Warren, “Illegal immigrants didn’t vote for her.”

“A message we have for every politician in this country: There are between 15 and 20 million veterans,” MacDonald said in Monday’s interview. “If we get all our veterans together, people that are serving currently in the armed forces, and call our representatives, we have an unbelievable voting bloc.”

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