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48-Year-Old Video Shows How Reagan Dealt With Berkeley Anarchists…



On Wednesday, riots broke out by left-wing radicals and anarchists on the UC Berkeley campus, forcing conservative personality Milo Yiannopoulos to evacuate the area.

Trump supporters were assaulted, bystanders were attacked, and free-speech was defeated. But this wasn’t the first time an event like this took place.

When intolerant, law-breaking hippies invaded Berkeley in 1969, Ronald Reagan was having none of it.

President Reagan ordered the California Highway Police and Berkeley police to “use whatever method they choose against the protesters.

Here’s a quick snippet of a History documentary, in which 48-year-old footage from the riot was used:

Over 100 people were admitted to a local hospital due to the justified aggression by the police — but there was not even one arrest at UC Berkeley when Milo came to town.

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