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WATCH: Hillary Spotted STUMBLING Out Of Restaurant…



The health concerns for Hillary Clinton are are back — and they’re proving America quite literally saved herself by electing the spry billionaire businessman in Donald Trump.

American Mirror reports:

After Hillary — a rumored potential candidate for mayor of New York — and Bill dined with Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen at Milos in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, she appeared to stumble as she exited the restaurant.

A reporter for TMZ caught an aide who was holding the door and an umbrella for the former candidate, and the Clintons were waiting to enter their awaiting van.

But as Hillary was exiting the restaurant to step onto the sidewalk, she looked unsteady on her feet, needing an aide to help her walk to her vehicle — whereas Bill seemed to get around just fine.

Clinton was repeatedly unsure during the campaign, regularly being filmed being helped up and down short flights of stairs and slipping while walking on her own.

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