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SHOCK REPORT: Obamacare Killed 300,000 Jobs… But It Gets Even WORSE



It’s official — Obamacare has been the biggest mistake in American history.

A shocking new report reveals that small businesses were crushed under the “Affordable” Care Act’s mandates, causing employees to be robbed of nearly $19 billion in 2015 wages.

The American Action Forum found that in addition to Obamacare regulations costing 295,030 American jobs, it also killed 10,130 small businesses.

Based on federal data, the report said, “We found that since the ACA became law, among small businesses, the rise in premiums has been associated with $19 billion in lost wages, 10,130 fewer business establishments, and nearly 300,000 lost jobs, with seven states losing more than 10,000 jobs, all results consistent with our previous research. Given the premium spikes in some states, 17 percent to 47 percent, it is not difficult to understand how the labor market reacts to the significant increase in health care costs. In fact, regulators predicted many of these increases when they first implemented the law.”

The report dove into how the states are suffering under the economic impact of the Obamacare.

However, President Trump and congressional Republicans are planning to repeal the disastrous health law and replace it with a law that brings power back to the states and its people.

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