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If Russian Influence Cost Hillary The Election, Then Why Was She Winning All The Polls?



I’d like for someone to answer that one.

Seriously, the media’s job is to be magnanimous and unbiased in their reporting and poll collecting — but throughout the campaign, they repeatedly fabricated positive coverage for Hillary Clinton, while simultaneously blasting billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s populist message every waking hour.

The media literally colluded with the Clinton camp and the DNC, yet all focus is on an unsubstantiated report from the CIA about how Russia allegedly “interfered” in the election.

The American people voted overwhelmingly for Trump — and he won.

The mainstream media distorted facts to suit Clinton’s agenda — and she lost.

Lets face it. This election was nothing more than Brexit 2.0, in which a referendum was held against establishment politics, liberal media, and social justice warriors.

Donald Trump is the outworking of the American people’s anger toward the gridlock and “all-talk, no-action” that happens on Capitol Hill every single day.

But thankfully, those days are coming to an end.

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