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Russia is not playing games and they are unafraid to call out the destructive nature of the Obama administration.

Free Beacon reports:

The Russian government is wholly rejecting the U.S. intelligence report substantiating Moscow’s alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election as “unfounded” and “reminiscent of a witch-hunt.”

The U.S. intelligence community on Friday released a declassified 23-page report on the alleged Russian hacking, concluding that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a multifaceted cyber and disinformation campaign aimed at undermining the U.S. democratic process and damaging Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

A spokesman for the Kremlin characterized the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusions as “unfounded,” telling Russian news outlets on Monday that the report appeared amateur and was not worth reading in detail.

“The absolutely unfounded accusations [in the published report] sound at a rather amateurishly emotional level that can be hardly applied to a highly professional work of high-class special services,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday, according to an article published in the state-controlled TASS.

“We still don’t know what is in fact and what data those who make such unfounded accusations have,” Peskov said, adding that the report is “reminiscent of a witch-hunt.”

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