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Read This If You’re Worried About Donald Trump’s Safety Today…



Anarchists and rioters are being shipped from all over America to Washington D.C. — all for the sole purpose of disrupting the inauguration.

Now, many Americans have a legitimate concern for billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s health and safety — and rightfully so. There have been thousands of FBI reports of people threatening to take the life of the next Commander in Chief.

But rest assured, no threat will come to fruition. He practically has an entire army protecting him from every threat imaginable. Here are just a few of his defenders:

Military Grade Swat and anti riot teams.

  • Secret Service.
  • Private Mercenaries.
  • Anti Sniper teams.
  • Anti truck ramming systems.
  • Anti terrorist squads.
  • National Guard.
  • Ten thousand Trump supporters including, “Real,” bikers.

And if you’re worried about an air attack? Well, there’s an expanded no-fly zone over D.C. currently — any vehicle, from a small drone to large aircraft, will be shot down no questions asked.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t still pray for the next president of the United States — he will need much of it.

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