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OOPS: Snopes BUSTED As “Fake News”…



(ZH) Isn’t it interesting how a little money can change a person?

According to divorce papers, Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson began taking numerous trips around the world to engage in improprieties after his website became an internet phenomenon. While engaging in a great deal of debauchery, Mikkelson wrote off just about everything as a business expense, embezzling a reported $98,000.

The Snopes co-founder has since settled down and married a part-time porn actress, administrator, and sex worker. In the same divorce papers, David Mikkelson fires back, claiming his hog of an ex-wife took millions from their joint account and bought property in Las Vegas.

The Daily Mail reports:

“…a investigation reveals that’s founders, former husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, are embroiled in a lengthy and bitter legal dispute in the wake of their divorce.

He has since remarried, to a former escort and porn actress who is one of the site’s staff members.

They are accusing each other of financial impropriety, with Barbara claiming her ex-husband is guilty of ’embezzlement’ and suggesting he is attempting a ‘boondoggle’ to change tax arrangements, while David claims she took millions from their joint accounts and bought property in Las Vegas.

She claimed he spent nearly $10,000 on a 24-day ‘personal vacation’ in India this year and expensed his girlfriend’s plane ticket to Buenos Aires.”

As one of the five fact-checkers selected by Facebook to determine “fake news,” and one of the most widely referenced “debunking” websites, is even a tiny moral compass too much to expect?

These individuals, and especially Mikkelson, have no right to claim what is and what is not truth.

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