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Newt Gingrich Goes Nuclear, Asks A BRUTAL Question To Those Abandoning Inauguration…



Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is fed up with those ditching the inauguration.

When asked on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” program what Ronald Reagan would have said to the many Democrats abandoning the ceremony, Newt said this:

“[He would have said] that they are childish and silly,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” program. “It’s not about Republicans and Democrats. It’s about America. Why would you abandon America?

While there are nearly 70 Democrat representatives deserting President-Elect Donald Trump, Gingrich stated that he and his wife, Calista, are looking forward to the historic moment in America’s history.

“You are at a moment when the nation is transferring power peacefully, unlike no other country has done this for as long as we have,” said Gingrich. “You have all of the sense of the national establishment coming together…and you are in a situation where there is always optimism. It doesn’t matter which team wins, we are a naturally optimistic country.”

Although he went to both of Obama’s inauguration ceremonies, along with Bill Clinton’s, he said that Ronald Reagan’s 1984 inauguration left him very hopefully for the future.

“The clouds parted, and the sun came out,” said Gingrich. “We began to hear whispering amongst ourselves that the hostages had left Iranian airspace. The Gipper had made the difference. The speech was tremendous. I talked to somebody last night who had gone back and read first inaugural and said Reagan’s 1980 speech was just unbelievable.”

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