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“Men’s March Against Fascism” vs. “Women’s March Against Fascism”



The nationwide “Women’s March” against their pre-conceived notion of “fascism” and President Trump has made a lot of headlines.

These women are marching, yet do not know what for. They do not know what human rights Trump plans to violate, because he won’t violate any. They protest him with costumes of their privates or by broadcasting their breasts — but for what what reason, they’re still unsure of.

In all of this, the primary buzzword has been “fascism.”

Just because Trump has a massive ego and can be very direct, does not mean he’s an authoritarian. Your personality traits do not dictate your political opinions. His plan of lowering taxes, cutting regulations, and shrinking the federal government to return power to the states is, quite literally, the opposite of fascism.

During the “Men’s March” of 1944, they battled, bled, and died in the fight against the true fascism that originated in Nazi Germany, which was an ever-expansive government, working to enslave and kill detractors on a daily basis.

These men put their lives on the line to protect the world — and the next generation — from a brutal dictator. These women today are holding signs and screaming against a man who desires to enact the same policies as the founders of this great and unique nation.

The women’s march is nothing more than a “sore-loser get-together.”

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