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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Trump Pays Woman’s Huge Dinner Bill On Inauguration Eve…



Where is the media? That’s right — focusing on the relentless and unnecessary chaos of inauguration protestors.

In the meantime, dinner was paid for by President-Elect Donald Trump!

Oh, and it wasn’t a cheap tab either.

Fox reports:

A Florida woman and her friend say Donald Trump paid their $1,000 dinner bill last night at Trump International Hotel in D.C.

Jenna Setticasi traveled to the nation’s capital for the inauguration festivities, dining at BLT Steak with friends and family.

Her friend, Michelle Rosser-Seiz, shared a photo with the president-elect, who made an impromptu appearance at the hotel restaurant.

“Trump just comped our bill! MAGA,” Setticasi wrote on Facebook.

Trump made waves Wednesday night by unexpectedly ditching the White House press pool to make the quick stop at his hotel to have dinner.

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