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JUST IN: Obama’s Intel Chief Destroys CRUCIAL Piece Of Dems “Russian Hack” Narrative…



Director of National Intelligence James Clapper revealed that both Democrats AND Republicans were targeted by the Russians, completely derailing the Democrats’ claim that Russia deliberately helped Donald Trump win.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We are confident Russian intelligence carried out operations targeting both major political parties,” Clapper told the Senate Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence during his testimony Tuesday.

Comey’s testimony confirms an intelligence community assessment which determined that the Russian intelligence apparatus likely hacked into the servers of both the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee.

“There’s no doubt they hit an RNC domain,” said FBI Director James Comey, who joined Clapper in the Tuesday afternoon hearing.

This should come as a major embarrassment to the Democrat party — because either they (i.e. John Podesta) succumbed to the hacks sent in the form of an email scam or their computer security was wholly inadequate.

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