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JUST IN: Colleges Do The Unthinkable After Trump’s Travel Ban… Americans STUNNED



Some poor, liberal students are having a very difficult time coping with President Trump’s 90-day travel ban.

They are so distressed, in fact, that “premier” universities are offering students “mental” support and counseling.

Campus Reform reports that every single chancellor in the California University system signed their names on a joint statement issued by the network’s president, Janet Napolitano, who told her students that she was “deeply concerned by the recent executive order.”

“While maintaining the security of the nation’s visa system is critical, this executive order is contrary to the values we hold dear as leaders of the University of California,” she stated. “It is critical that the United States continues to welcome the best students, scholars, scientists, and engineers of all backgrounds and nationalities.”

Then the bomb dropped.

Chancellor Nicholas Dirks of University of California, Berkeley’s elected to issue a follow-up statement of his own in which he offered “mental health services” for students “struggling with the emotional and psychological dimensions of this unfolding situation.”

Can you believe it? The left is in full meltdown mode over Trump’s immigration ban against countries Barack Obama previously noted as “threats” back in 2015.

The double standard is real.

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